by Wabbs

Nine Chronicles is a free to play blockchain Idle MMORPG powered by the players. The game is a 100% decentralized fantasy world and is the first game based on Libplanet, a new Distributed Ledger Technology library for implementing P2P MMO games.

We are talking about the early-access version of the game in December 2021. Things are constantly evolving so if you are reading this months away, some information might be different.

It’s not a game that you can rush in a few days... Actually, you can never quite finish this game since you can keep on upgrading your gear and new harder levels will keep on being created.

First of all, install the game (if you haven’t already here's a link that will give you some extra rewards) and do a bit of everything around to get a feel of what we are talking about. Up to level 17 just do what the quests tell you to: craft everything, use all the old gear to upgrade the new one, fight and level up.

Since the energy is the same for every one per day, your focus should be on getting as far and as fast as you can on the world map to get access to better recipes that you can craft and sell for profit to lower-level players. If you ever get stuck, you can farm materials, craft gear from them, sell it and buy upgrades.


The game is mostly an idle one. For now, there is only one class available (warrior) and the gear is the only customization you can make - no skills or assignable stats when you level up as you would expect in an RPG.

All the fights are auto-played, you can only change your gear setup and add some buffs (they are in the form of food) and from there you can only watch it - or you can simply let it play in the background.

To fight in the campaign you need energy -  5 for each battle and you have a max of 120. You can refill it once the Prosperity Meter fills up - that would be around 6 hours - each progress there shows a block mined successfully.

You don’t get gold but you gain crafting resources from each fight and you unlock crafting recipes after you defeat specific levels.

Some important general info

Stats Explanation

ATK = This is how much damage a character deals to an opponent. Higher ATK means more damage relative to opponent DEF.

DEF = This is how much damage a character can subtract from an opponent's attack. Higher DEF means less damage taken relative to opponent ATK. You can reduce the enemy attacks to 1.

HP = A character's life. When it goes to 0, a character dies. Players should consider their HP and DEF for further survivability.